Hudiez Generative NFTs • Artist Created • The New Wave •


We have created a personified collection of digital garment art pieces that will serve as the key to your creative universe. We want to bring all versions of creatives into a global family and create an environment driven by creativity. These individual streams will form parts of the wider Hudiez ecoverse and brand.

The NFT collection will include characterised emotions, beings and a wide range of colours and accessories to match how you want to be represented.

These will each then serve as a piece of the wider Hudiez ecosystem as we build out our Metaplan.


The NFT will be available in 2022 and we are working on releases leading up the mint date. Please follow us on socials to stay in the loop.

Hudiez Fashion is our collaborative design journey where we will tell our story through clothing garments and accessories.

If you have been following us from the start you will have seen various items like tokens appearing in random places. These have intrinsic value and will become more relevant.

Please use twitter as the main social contact point for now.

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